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What is ESG?

Vision & Mission

Core Spaces’ ESG aims to provide socially and environmentally responsible opportunities for our internal team members and our residents to actively make a difference in the communities we serve.

What We Focus On

Core is thoughtful towards the people, the communities, and the environment we operate in. Let’s keep being good neighbors.

By putting structure around this existing ESG culture, Core can better integrate ESG across the organization.

To attract, retain, and empower the best tenants, employees, and partners by being a leader in ESG.

To maximize the sustainability of our buildings all the while reducing inefficiencies such as utility and water waste.

The Time Is Now

ESG is another way to show the world what Core stands for. It’s about delivering an authentic set of correlated initiatives that reflect Core’s values. It’s how we innovate. We get to be part of inventing the future of living.

Core has pushed the boundaries of building design, tenant culture, and innovation and we aim to be agents of positive change. We are taking those same qualities to positively impacting all stakeholders of our business and communities.

Check out our 2022 Annual ESG Report to see our progress (so far)