Core Spaces is a vertically integrated company focused on acquiring, developing, and managing the best real estate in educational markets.

From world-class amenities and progressive design to impeccable client service with a community focus, we create spaces where people want to be. Our projects are thoughtfully designed, developed, and managed, creating extraordinary lifestyle experiences that are as unique as their respective cities.

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Core Spaces is a collective of individuals. We’re a culture. We put everything we've got into our work—and it shows.

We’re thought leaders and rule breakers. We’re researchers and architects, engineers and designers, financiers and builders. We’re hard workers and creative visionaries. We’re the first there and the last to leave. We’re independent and autonomous. We’re team players. We collaborate and critique, compete and encourage. We’re left-brained and right-handed. We’re vice versa. We bring passion and professionalism to everything we do.

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Our goal is to identify, design, and build the best real estate in every educational market.


We believe that to build what people want, you have to be immersed in the places where people want to be.From purpose-built and conventional apartments, to hospitality and mixed-use developments, we tailor all our projects to their markets by drawing inspiration from the local architecture, residents, and culture. Our design and development expertise keeps us nimble and innovative, while our extensive construction management experience ensures successful execution, on time and on budget.


We identify and create value in fatigued properties through creative brainstorming, physical renovation, and professional management.


Core Spaces is one of only a few firms with the design, development, construction, management, and marketing capabilities required to reinvigorate distressed assets. Despite physical obsolescence, a lack of amenities, managerial miscues, or just missed opportunity, we are positioned to help assets realize their full potential. As handy as we are at working with concrete issues (in every sense), we also excel at creative problem solving. We identify and unlock hidden value in existing properties through creative brainstorming, physical renovation, professional management, and rebranding.


Our customer-focused service, operations, and involvement throughout the development process ensure a successful transition, long-term tenant satisfaction, and asset performance.


An exemplary lifestyle experience is built from more than just bricks and mortar. It’s made just as much from service and care as amenities and floorplans. Core Spaces consistently leads the industry in property operations, while staying customer-centric and service-oriented. By leveraging a decentralized leadership structure and local market knowledge, we remain deeply involved in the development process, ensuring a seamless transition throughout. We understand that development doesn’t end with the building, but with constructing a place to live that truly feels like home.




Whether they’re residents, parents, or guests, we want everyone who walks through our doors to be glad they did.


We build spaces that make people want to stay in—and we find locations that make people want to explore. It’s the perfect balance for modern living.


Our buildings are far more than concrete. We add finishing touches that take it to the next level—because we believe design should be iconic.


We build sustainability from the inside out, from LEED-certified buildings, robust recycling programs, and more.